DIRTY LINEN Sengesett Animeaux lin ass. farver.

kr 2.700,00


Dirty Linen is a highly coveted, premium-quality Swedish lifestyle brand offering luxe products with a modern, urban twist.

We believe that your bed is a far too exciting place to be made with lacklustre bed linen. Dirty Linen embraces freedom; effortlessly wrinkled, unkempt beds with ultra-soft, sultry alternatives to conventional linen.

Dirty Linen was crafted from the need to revitalise the bedroom; blending design, fashion and lifestyle to create a unique, nonchalantly cool vibe.

Casually rumpled and perfectly decadent; Dirty Linen’s lust-worthy collection is handcrafted from a passion for exceptional detailing. Graphic prints and indecent, tongue-in-cheek embroideries add a playful edge.

For a bold, distinctive look mix-and-match to suit your bedroom desires.

Towels – the latest edition to our repertoire – are about as intimate as you can get. Tactile fabrics and contemporary hues make up Dirty Linen’s ultra-soft terrycloth cotton towel collection. Mix contrasting seams to solve the infinite struggle with your shower-buddy over towel ownership.


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